Extremiste - watermelon - squared 1600
Extremiste - watermelon - squared 1600EXTRANORM - PHOTO DE FAMILLE METEORE 1600

Extrémiste 220 Fenix

builds a bridge between opposite points of view.

design Patrick Knoch - 2016

Extrémiste creates a strong tension, linking its two ends with a ultra-thin top.


The Extrémiste table is produced in powder-coated steel, either pebble grey or charcoal grey with a compact Fenix NTM top. Fenix NTM is nano tech material, highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, rubbing and dry heat and easy to clean.

The Extrémiste table is made on order. The production delay is of 6 weeks, without transport.

Made in France

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75 cm


220 cm

À partir de 2940,00