Optimiste - green and orange 1600
Optimiste - orange with purple chair 1600Optimiste - orange with green chair 1600Optimiste - green with green chair 1600Optimiste - green and orange 1600Optimiste - color range details 1600Optimiste - blue with pink chair 1600Optimiste - blue with green chair 1600


takes everything the light-hearted way.

design Patrick Knoch - 2017


Coffee table with powder-coated steel structure and 8mm glass top.

Optimiste has the perfect height to play, share a coffee or work on a laptop, seated on a Humaniste low chair.

The structure is painted in 2 colors. Always with the lowest feet in charcoal grey and the upper part in orange, green or sky blue.

Please indicate the color in the comment with your order.

Made in France

À partir de 930,00