Le canapé sofa Rendez-vous est recouvert de tissu Lelièvre Lama EXTRANORM design Patrick Knoch

Rendez-vous à Helsinkithe sofa

poses for the photo as long as it is empty.

design Patrick Knoch - 2018 - Made in France

The sofa Rendez-vous mixes elementary shapes and elegant fabrics, in a spirit of recreational luxury and luxurious game.


Lama fabric from Lelièvre : Wool 38%, Viscose 29%, Linen 14%, Cotton 11%, Bamboo 4%, Polyamide 4%.

See also the other Rendez-vous variations : Rendez-vous à Shanghai and Rendez-vous à Osaka.

Additional information


138 cm


94 cm


92 cm

Seat height

40 cm

$ 4,151.55