Petit plateau en porcelaine de Limoges avec décor peint à la main en or - Little and fine porcelain tray with gold gilding made in France.

Voilà la Lunethe tray

collects what is shining.

design Patrick Knoch - 2017 - Made in France

Voilà offers a shelter for disc or an woman idol. This little tray reminds us of an alcove or an icon.


Small tray or plate made in fine Porcelaine de Limoges with a hand painted gold decor. The disc is available in two sizes one of the size of our Maniériste tea cup and one or the size of our Maniériste coffee cup.

The décor is hand painted in shiny gold or platinum.

Hand wash only. Not suitable for micro-wave.

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25,5 cm


10 cm