Petit plateau en porcelaine de Limoges avec décor peint à la main en or - Little and fine porcelain tray with gold gilding made in France.

Voilà la Lunethe tray

collects what is shining.

design Patrick Knoch - 2017 - Made in France

Voilà offers a shelter for disc or an woman idol. This little tray reminds us of an alcove or an icon.


Small tray or plate made in fine Porcelaine de Limoges with a hand painted decor.

The decor can be in shiny gold, shiny platinum or black.

Gold and platinum cannot be used in a micro-wave oven.

Shiny gold and platinum decor must be hand washed

The black finish is suitable for dishwasher and micro-wave oven.

Additional information


25,5 cm


10 cm